A university library service wishes to open a new branch library at a location off campus.


The new site will connect to the university LAN through a point-to-point wireless solution.
The branch library will offer patrons public WiFi access, as well as a wired network of wired Ethernet connected PCs to support staff and public workstations. All users will need access to the World Wide Web.
The library runs a library management system that must be available to staff and patrons through its web based Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), but the server for this will be maintained at the main university campus server room.
The university is short of available IPv4 addresses but must continue to support IPv4. They propose to allocate the private address range to the branch library.
Considering the requirements indicated above:
a) Design a network topology for the library. Draw a diagram of your solution that clearly identifies any network hardware and software components that would be required to implement your solution.

b) Provide suitable IP addresses to each subnet, computer and switching component within your diagram.

c) For each hardware and software component required to implement your solution, describe its function and justify why it is required

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