You work for an IT Training company which is expanding and fitting out three new PC training labs.


Technical support will also be expanded by recruiting a new technician.

An outline plan showing the main activities in the project and their duration is shown below:

Activity Weeks
A Select PC and other hardware. 1
B Order and deliver replacement PCs, printers, servers and other hardware. 8
C Select, order and deliver application software. 2
D Order and deliver all required furniture and projector equipment. 10
E Install and test network infrastructure for classroom. 3
F Install new PCs with operating and applications software. 3
G Test applications software on the new hardware and network. 2
H Recruit additional technician. 8
I Install furniture. 2


Tasks B, C and D are all dependent on Task A.

Task E cannot start until Task B is complete.

Task F is dependent only on Tasks C, E, H and I.

Task G is dependent on Task F.

Task I is dependent on Task D.


a) An activity network diagram will be useful in this project. Explain the purpose of an activity network and describe the components of an activity-on-node diagram.

b) Draw a full activity-on-node diagram for this project, showing clearly the earliest and latest start and end dates (as week numbers), and the float, for each node. Include start and end nodes.

c) Explain what is meant by the term critical path, highlight it on your network and state the minimum duration for the project.

d) When constructing an activity-on-node network, it is necessary to estimate the elapsed time for each activity.

Explain the expert judgement method of estimation and state ONE advantage and ONE disadvantage of this method. (3 marks)

e) An alternative method of estimation is the parametric method.

Explain the key features of this approach and illustrate your answer by explaining the role of size drivers and productivity in the activity of installing PCs in a classroom.

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