Your company is expanding rapidly and has decided to buy in and install an off-the-shelf (O-T-S) sales package to replace the existing in-house system.


This will need new equipment with some additional network cabling in some offices. You are to manage this project and you have identified 6 key project stages:

i) Specification of requirements;

ii) Package selection and modification;

iii) Hardware and cabling order, delivery and installation;

iv) Acceptance testing;

v) Training;

vi) Data take-on and implementation.

a) Identify at least TWELVE different products that could be produced at the various stages, showing them in a product breakdown structure (PBS) diagram for the project. This should illustrate how the components of products are shown.

b) Draw up a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project. This should contain at least THIRTEEN different activities and at least TWO levels of detail.

c) Explain the purpose of and the main differences between a WBS and a PBS, illustrating your answer with at least TWO examples from this project.

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