A large company making windscreen wipers for a wide range of cars is updating its sales system by buying in new software.


The sales director has been reluctantly convinced by his senior sales manager that it is a good idea. The company’s IT manager wants responsibility for this new system but is inexperienced in project management. The lead analyst/ programmer is technically excellent and now wishes to gain experience of project management. The recently promoted chief executive of the company was previously an experienced project manager. He has a personal assistant, who is a very able administrator and has worked for the company for 20 years. The software vendor offers a full range of implementation services, including support, project management and consultancy.

a) Draw a generic project organisation diagram for a project of this type, showing FIVE key project roles. Briefly describe the key responsibilities of each role.

b) Choose THREE of these roles from your diagram and identify which of the persons named in the above scenario would be best suited for each of these roles. Explain why you have chosen them to undertake this role.

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