a) Expand the acronym VPN.


b) Briefly discuss TWO advantages and TWO disadvantages of using a VPN.

c) IPSec is mandated in IPv6, unlike IPv4.

i) Expand the acronym IPSec and state what layer of TCP/IP model does IPSec map to.

ii) Discuss why IPSec was mandated in IPv6 and the benefits this provides.

iii) Excluding IPSec, compare and contrast IPv4 and IPv6.


d) This question concerns IPv6 and IPv4 notation.

i) Rewrite the following IPv6 address to its most compact form:


ii) What do ::/0 and ::1/128 represent in IPv6 notation?

iii ) Provide an equivalent IPv4 address for IPv6’s ::1/128.

e) Discuss the implications of IPv6 in regards to Network Address Translation (NAT).

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