a) Provide a brief explanation of the following concepts in object orientation:


i) Class and object

ii) Encapsulation

iii) Message passing.

b) Consider the following extra information about the Wheelies Bicycle Manufacturer described previously:
“There are two types of customers: individual customers and business customers, e.g. shops. The following data are stored about each customer: Customer No, Customer tel. no; Customer email address, Customer address.
In addition, individual customers have the following attribute: Customer name, and business customers have the following attributes: Business name, Manager name.
Each bicycle model consists of a frame, 2 wheels, a handlebar, a seat.”
Explain the following relationships between classes using examples from the Wheelies system to illustrate your answers:
i) Association

ii) Aggregation or composition

iii) Generalisation/inheritance.

The examples should show relevant fragments of a class diagram.
Explain also, the differences between generalisation/inheritance and aggregation relationships between classes

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