a) Discuss briefly the purpose of sequence diagrams and state machines/charts. 


b) Produce a sequence diagram for the use case ‘Place purchase order’ in the Wheelies system described above. A brief description of this use case is given below.
“A list of all current suppliers is displayed by the system. A manager selects the required supplier from the list and the system displays the selected supplier’s details and a list of parts provided by this supplier. Next the manager creates the purchase order by selecting the relevant parts from the list of parts. The manager also enters the required quantity for each part”.

c) Produce a state machine/chart for the class Customer Order in the Wheelies system.
You may assume that the objects of this class are affected by the following ‘events’ (listed below in alphabetical order):
Amend an order

Cancel an order

Despatch an order

Fulfil an order

Place an order

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