A group of Open Water Swimmers have found their sport has become popular and now wish to set up a Swimming Club.


The Club will be made up of Members, who can register online and have to provide their name, address, contact telephone number and emergency contact name and telephone number.
Each September there is an Annual General Meeting (AGM), where Members can join a Committee to help run the Club.

The Club meets every week at a local lake, where Members can train, or take part in lessons. The lessons are provided by Officials, who have to be qualified. New Officials need to register online and provide evidence of what qualifications they hold.

In addition to the weekly meetings, the Club runs a series of swims to be held on the first Saturday of each month at a different location. A Member can nominate a potential outdoor place, which can be a river, lake or sea and provide a classification of whether it is easy, moderate or strenuous. These will be assessed by the Committee to decide if they are suitable and whether a quota is needed to limit numbers. Suitable locations will be included in an online Diary produced by the Committee.

The Club charges an annual fee, which is due on the 1st January of each year. A month after this, the Committee will generate an email to remind any Members who have forgotten to pay.
a) Draw a Use Case diagram for the Swimming Club.
b) Discuss how Use Case diagrams and scenarios contribute to the development of a system. Within your answer include an example scenario from the Swimming Club.

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