A new dental practice requires an information system to be developed.


An online appointment system and stock ordering system is required. Before a patient can use the system, they need to contact the practice to be registered providing personal and health details. An initial appointment would then be made, and the patient allocated to one of the dentists. To make further appointments, the patient will be provided with access details. After attending appointments, the patient will be charged the appropriate fee. The system will also deal with cancellations and non-attendance. If an appointment is not cancelled within twentyfour hours a charge is made and an invoice sent to the patient. If a patient fails to turn up for an appointment a charge is also made. The stock order system will deal with ordering and paying for items of stock from suppliers. Several items could be included on the same order.

a) Draft a context and high-level dataflow diagram depicting the dental practice.

b) Identify the main entities and relationships and draw TWO entity relationship models; one for the appointment system, and the other for the stock ordering.

c) Give examples and a brief overview of the main features in the following:

i) An object-oriented development using UML;

ii) A soft system approach to analysis;

iii) A prototyping method.

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