Top Auto is a garage whose primary business is car sales of both new and used cars.


Their current system supports day-to-day operations of the garage including car purchasing, selling and test drive bookings.

The cars are available for customers to test drive or purchase. If a customer requires a particular car for a test drive, the booking has to be made in advance. In order to authorise the test drive, the salesman has to check if the particular car is not sold (a car that has already been sold is not available for a test drive). The salesman also has to check if the car is available for the requested time slot and if the customer holds a required driving licence. If the car is authorised for a test drive, the customer is then asked to confirm the booking and then the test drive booking is generated.

a) Draw a use case diagram to represent the Top Auto test drive booking system.
b) Describe FIVE benefits for applying use case modelling at the beginning of objectoriented analysis.

c) Explain the difference between the <<include>> and <<extend>> relationships used in use case modelling

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