Choose the correct term from group B which matches with the explanation in group A then write  the letter against the number of the relevant explanation. 

(i) This is the act of performing only one activity by hand or  machine with the aim of increasing production

(ii) The price for the use of land as a factor of production and  other immovable assets like house.

(iii) Agents who do not have physical possession of goods.

(iv) A document issued when goods have been bought or sold  on credit basis.

(v) The cost of producing one more unit of output.

(vi) Goods which are highly demanded by high income earners.

(vii) The travelling traders who carry their goods on bicycles or  motorcycles and move from one place to another selling  their goods.

(viii) Planning, monitoring purchases and keeping quantity of  goods in reasonable proportion of sales.

(ix) It is owned by individual, institutions or government and  are open to anybody wishing to store goods on payment.

(x) The ways through which goods flow from the  manufacturing point of view to consumption point of view

A. Brokers

B. Chain of  distribution

C. Consumer goods

D. Division of labour

E. Hawkers

F. Interest

G. Invoice

H. Marginal cost

I. Ostentation goods

J. Private warehouse

K. Public warehouse

L. Rent

M. Specialization

N. Stock taking

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