It can be identified that the food processing, packaging and distribution is a leading business category among the businesses and the popularity of these kinds of businesses are rapidly increasing. Accordingly, there is a huge market demand existing for the snacks and bakery products.


i). Name four (04) types of quality assurance certificates that can be obtained for quality control in a business.

ii). Name two (02) facilities that are required to perform a business.

iii). Name two (02) methods that can be followed to prevent food contamination in a sale section

iv). Write two (02) steps that are required to be followed during storing of sea foods in a deep freezer.

v). Classify six (06) chopping boards that are used to prepare foods.

vi). Name two (02) bacteria that spoil the foods.

vii). Name four (04) equipment that are essential for bakery production.

viii). Write four (04) main ways of classifying the basic ingredients that are used in cake production.

ix). What is the importance of adding salt when preparing the dough.

x). Write down two (02) safety precautions in using an oven

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