(a) Line L is perpendicular to line joining points (-3, 2) and (5, 6) and it passes through intersection of the lines 2x – y = 1 and 3x + 3y = 6.



Determine the linear equation of the line L.

(b) Using Complementary;

(i) how can you find the net cost equivalent of 35/20 series discount, and hence

(ii) Explain why 35/10/10 is not equal to 35/20?


(c) The sum of three consecutive positive integer, x – 1, x, and x + 1 is less than 22.


(i) Write down an inequality for this information? (3 marks) (ii) List the possible values of x


(d) By using Binomial Theorem, find the coefficient of the 3rd term in expansion (a + b)^6

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