Given the following items, you are required to pair each item from LIST A with the item from LIST B appropriately. In pairing the items, write the letter from list B against the corresponding roman number in list A in your answer booklet.



i. An instrument in writing contains unconditional order, signed by the marker directing a certain person to pay certain amount of money.

ii. Directives given to the drawee bank, to pay the money only through a banker

iii. It is a name at the back of the instrument with the intention to transfer the right in the instrument.

iv. A person who is legally entitled to the possession of the negotiable instrument in his own name and to receive the amount thereof.

v. It is the method that the tenders are only invited from selected suppliers.



A. restricted procurement

B. holder of the cheque

C. endorsement

D. crossed cheque

E. bills of exchange

F. open procurement

G. dishonoring of instrument

H. promissory note

I. cheque

J. negotiable instruments

K. public procurement

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